Купить роутер Xiaomi Mi 3C


Купить роутер Xiaomi Mi 3C для дома или работы.



Купить роутер Xiaomi Mi 3C для дома или работы.
Роутер Xiaomi Mi 3C легко справляется с поставленными задачами – работа, серфинг в интернете, трансляция видео, игры.
Роутер Xiaomi Mi 3C оснащен 4 антеннами, является однодиапазонным – 2.4 ГГц.
Поддерживает стандарты 802.11b/g/n.
Роутер Xiaomi Mi 3C Оборудован 2 дополнительными Ethernet-портами с пропускной способностью до 100 Мбит/сек.
Поддержка протоколов сети PPPoE/ PPTP/ L2TP.
На роутере Xiaomi Mi 3C удобный и функциональный графический интерфейс.

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6 отзывов на Купить роутер Xiaomi Mi 3C

  1. Yevgeniy

    AEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UA AEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UAAEL10105658124UA

  2. Sergey

    Роутер классный, только весь интерфейс на китайском языке, хотя есть альтернатива поставить на телефон с PlayMarket приложение (англ. яз.) и через него установить роутер. Настройки все не сложные. Роутером доволен. Использую в качестве репитера. Возвращаем 10% от суммы заказа на Алиэкспресс!!! http://alibonus.com/?u=110350 Возвращаем 2% от суммы заказа на Gearbest!!! https://givingassistant.org/?rid=LUqA4Dsi3N We make refund 2% from your order on Gearbest!!! https://givingassistant.org/?rid=LUqA4Dsi3N Могли бы поставить английскую прошивку.

  3. Marko

    After searching for best value router, I decided to go for a Xiaomi Mi Wifi 3C. I am very positively surprised by this router! Wifi coverage is great, MiWifi app is pretty hand with tweaks inside, can be good to when you’re not home. Bandwidth is stable, both LAN and Wifi, all in all this is in my opinion the best router for the price! Also shipping was super fast, it took only 10 days to get it delivered to my door! This product is perfect. The wifi network signal is powerfull and the application to control the router is perfect (iphone and ipad) You can plan the shedule for the wifi activation, and access to the parameters from everywhere with your phone and cellular connection with the xiaomi cloud. The router is very small and slim, I like the design. You can see and control all the devices on your network with the application.

  4. mirtillo68

    cercavo un router di facile configurazione e l’ho finalmente trovato. non solo: è anche molto bello e costruito bene. la configurazione è stata semplicissima e molto intuitiva e la qaulità del segnale è sensibilmente migliorata. xiaomi the best!!!! L’ho consigliato ad alcuni amici che lo compreranno senz’altro su gearbest. spedizione veloce e accurata. ho installato anche la app per controllarlo con il cellulare il che rende molto semplice il suo utilizzo. e’ un ottimo prodotto in linea con la qualità xiaomi. sarebbe bello anche se costruito in altri colori fermo restando che bianco è molto elegante e siinserisce bene nell’arredo. molto migliore peraltro rispetto ad altri apparecchi di maggior prezzo. lo consiglio vivamente. acquisti su gearbest sempre covenienti e di rara qualità…..

  5. B. Bell

    I seriously waffled on buying a new Wi-Fi router as so many seemed to have issues of one form or another that created doubts, was when I realized how confused and messed up the reviews are getting on Amazon, i didn’t think I would have to track down the reviews for this specific model in order to get a somewhat reasonable idea of what to expect, courteous and got it fixed in a few short minutes, without having to break the bank I have a new modem saving me money every month and a new Wi-Fi home router that breezes through everything I throw at it, i have a smaller network so I’m not pushing this by any means

  6. Brenda Torgersen

    I have gone through many wifi routers in my long lifetime but this is the easiest to set up and best performing, i have now had a high price Asus router which has always been a pain to set up and configure used for several years, signal strength is also very good, the only drawback is that it does stand higher than other routers I have used but outstanding performance outweighs that

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